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As Assistant News Director, I was responsible for producing and editing content, organizing and scheduling video shoots, outreaching to community members for stories, training interns and volunteers on equipment, maintaining APN social media sites, and directing live-to-tape newscasts. I adored the fast-paced environment and the opportunity to have multiple roles in productions.


Black History Month Series: With help from News Director Sara Alfaro-Franco and the APN team, I led production and edited a series of 1 minute videos honoring Black History Month in the Arlington Community. One year later, The Alliance for Community Media Northeast Region awarded the series 3rd place in Diversity Empowerment for the 2015 Video Awards Festival. 

News Manual: Using Indesign, I created a news manual describing the use of equipment, the pre-production to post-production process, and the common practices at Arlington Public News. It is currently used as a standard to train volunteers and interns, and it is updated as needed by staff.


This Old House: The WGBH "This Old House" series visited Arlington, MA and renovated a beautiful Italianate home. Arlington Public News takes you on a behind the scene tour and interviews the homeowners and designers about the project. Filmed, written, edited and narrated by Lauren Jo.

David McCullough: Arlington Public News interviews author and historian, David McCullough, who discusses the importance of teaching history effectively. The segment combines narration, public domain images and interview soundbites. Written, edited and narrated by Lauren Jo.

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